A false rape claim is an unforgivable act, but that didn’t stop this Bronx woman from trying one to get her way.

Video has surfaced a berzerk woman threatening an Uber driver with everything she could imagine for reasons unknown. The clip starts after the two of them have already begun arguing. The driver tries his best to remain calm as the woman hurls insults and threats from the back seat. Yelling at the top of her lungs the woman demands that the Uber driver call the cops. She also demands that the driver call her boyfriend.

Why? Because her phone is dead.

The driver stops twice, asking the woman to get out of the car, to which she refuses. Then, her insults and treats reach the ultimate level of disrespect. First, she tries to say that the man hit her, which he didn’t. Then, she proceeds to yell that the man is raping her. Then she threatens that Donald Trump is going to come get him and send him back to his country. After several minutes the woman finally got out of the car.

The driver, who exhibited as much patience as possible finally cracked and called the woman a “stupid Bronx bi*ch,” but he later apologized.

If you can make it through the entire eight-minute video, we applaud your patience.

Photo: WENN

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