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YesJulz, an Internet-famous figure for reasons we still don’t understand, got caught up in a wave of stupidity on Twitter and did the foul as a white person who should know better. The “celebrity” joked about wearing a shirt bearing the n-word, which caused her to lose a pair of high-profile gigs and now all of a sudden, she’s sad about being a culture vulture but Twitter isn’t letting her rest.

The situation went down when YesJulz, who looks like a budget Sinead O’Connor, made a poor choice in a tweet when she asked her 156,000-plus followers on Twitter if she should wear a cut-off shirt with the caption “N*ggas Lie A Lot” late last week. The tweet sent waves through the Twitterverse folks let her have it as expected. But the carnage didn’t end there as two major festivals dropped the social media “star” like a football fumble after the heat got to be too much

WIPP Toronto and Utopia Music Fest both washed their hands of any connections to YesJulz, who then released a quick video expressing remorse, even opening her apology statement by saying it was “dumb” which anyone with eyes can see. Anyway, through a strained bit of crocodile tears, she moaned about how she should never be associated with the n-word [duh] and some other such nonsense we tuned out of by the time the minute-long clip finished.

We’ve collected some of the slander, the videos and some of the reactions to YesJulz messing up her own money by being an appropriating cornball below and on the following pages. Sadly, this bit of controversy won’t be enough to rid ourselves of her brand of “vibes” or whatever she’s selling these days.

And how about these unconfirmed, but hopefully true, set of tweets:

And this guy is the Savage Of The Year:

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