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Lakeith Stanfield from Atlanta and Get Out may have found the cure to racism in this comedy sketch.

The skit, created by Shaka King, explores a new way of combating racism in America. Or as it called here, “racial glaucoma.”

LaZercism will use a procedure that involves a “700 watt ultralight beam” that lasers away white supremacy trapped in the visual cortex. While it does sound funny, the video uses real life instances to drive the point home. The skit features a portrayal of police officer Eric Casebolt, who is the cop that slammed 15-year old to ground at a pool party in McKinney, Texas in 2015. The Casebolt character admits that his vision was “racial glaucoma” and that LaZercims helped him see the err of his ways after the fact.

The video shows that it take it just may take extreme measures like this to actually solve the race problem in America. If this technology ever hits the market, how much do you think it would cost?

Photo: Screenshot