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If you thought that the firing of Phil Jackson was enough to keep Carmelo Anthony in New York, think again. According to ESPN, the Knicks are still actively trying to trade the 10-time All-Star whose preferred destinations are either Cleveland or Houston.

Last February Melo was close to being dealt to the L.A. Clippers where he would’ve joined Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan. But Doc Rivers allegedly balked at the Knicks demand that the coach’s son, Austin Rivers, be sent to the Garden in exchange for the future Hall of Famer.

Doc’s choice to hold on to his son instead of making the team far better with Anthony is allegedly what led to Chris Paul forcing a trade to Houston where he’s formed a dynamic backcourt with MVP candidate, James Harden.

Interestingly enough, current Houston Coach of The Year Mike D’Antoni admitted not too long ago that Carmelo Anthony was the reason he quit his gig with the Knicks in 2012. So that could be an awkward situation.

The only thing holding the Knicks back from trading Melo to any destination is the $54 million dollars left on his contract and their reluctance to taking back any bad contracts such as the 3-year $63 million deal that’s attached to Houston’s Ryan Anderson.

While there’s always the choice of buying out Melo’s contract and letting him go wherever he wants for whatever he wants (as Phil Jackson was about to do before getting shown the door), the Knicks are intent on getting something back for a player that this past year averaged 22.4 ppg.

Ever since Carmelo Anthony came to the Garden in 2010 the Knicks have had more losing seasons than successful ones. Anthony knows that he’s not getting any younger and is looking for the opportunity to capture at least one ring before calling it a career. Forming a super team in Cleveland or Houston are his safest bets at the moment so we can’t blame him for walking away from the dysfunctional situation that is the New York Knicks.

Knicks fans are just hoping budding superstar Kristaps Porzingis doesn’t follow Melo out the door when his contract is up.