Perhaps it was the Drake connection that caused one fan to pit Ravie Loso and Rihanna‘s mas costumes up against each other, but the curvy Texas beauty wasn’t having it. Instead of trying to one up the Bajan superstar, she gave a classy and accurate response instead of egging on a war that didn’t exist.

For the uninitiated, “playing mas” in a nutshell is when participants at Carribean parades and festivals dress in lavish and often revealing costumes regardless while following floats or mobile sound systems playing the respective tunes of their nations.

Twitter user @iloveyu_NOT posted images of Ravie Loso’s mas costume from her visit to this weekend’s Caribana event in Toronto, Canada alongside Rihanna’s photo from the Crop Over 2017 event in the singer’s native Barbados. In a caption asking fans to compare who wore their mas costumes best, Ravie took the viral tweet out of contention with a simple sentence.

“Let’s not, she’s beautiful. Don’t involve me in a competition I don’t want to be in … Thanx,” Ravie tweeted. Since posting her response, Ravie’s tweet has been shared over 34,000 times and liked more than 111,000 times.

Safe to say there’s no beef between the lovely ladies, who both looked glorious.

And here are the images, you know, for the culture. See more of Ravie on the flip.

Photo: Instagram

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