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Kim Kardashian caught the wrath of Twitter and rightfully so after she suggested that people forgive YouTube makeup personality Jeffree Star for his racist comments. After the reality television superstar offered what many felt was a half-baked apology, Twitter users went in for the kill and promptly slandered Kardashian with relentless fury.

Kardashian’s “apology” came on the heels of fans pointing to Star’s evasive apology he too offered up in the wake of his scandal in where he attacked Black women, making sure to highlight that she didn’t really show herself in the best light.

Saying that she was “naive” in what she said, Kardashian still failed to take ownership for stepping out of line and inserting her big famous nose where it wasn’t needed.

We’ve collected the best of the dragging that Kim Kardashian got for caping for Jeffree Star then walking it back with an unsalted cracker dry apology below and on the following pages.


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