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Kyrie Irving shocked the professional basketball world when he requested to be traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers. The current Boston Celtics star sat down with ESPN’s First Take and said he didn’t consider LeBron James‘ feelings nor needed his consent to get out of town.

To say that the interview was a touch bizarre might be putting it lightly, this as Irving didn’t exactly answer Stephen A. Smith or Max Kellerman’s questions with direct answers. Further, as much as Irving tried to state otherwise, questions about his former teammate James and the Cavs organization seemed to bring about some tension in the studio.

No moment was as strange when the hosts pressed Irving on his relationship with James, inquiring if he went to the superstar ahead of requesting a trade. Essentially, Irving said he’s looking out for himself and simply said he didn’t need to consult with James about his career path nor did he show any remorse for his decision. To be fair, Irving did seem to affirm that he has no issue with James and is simply looking to be a star in a bigger role.

Okay, then.

But there’s more! Kellerman got fried a few times by Irving, and, despite the chatter online, the point guard wasn’t especially nasty towards James and even called him the best player on the planet at one point. Simply put, Kyrie wants to do Kyrie right now.

Check out Kyrie Irving sitting down with ESPN’s First Take in the clips below. Hit the flip to see reactions from Twitter to the newly woke Boston Celtics star on the following pages.

Photo: screen cap/First Take

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