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Piers Morgan might be one of the most unlikeable and miserable human beings on the planet. Now that we got that out the way, the British journalist penned an essay defending a group of white sorority sisters rapping the “n-word” and actually defending it but Black Twitter got Morgan swiftly up out the paint.

It all began when Morgan, 52, published an essay via his outlet Daily Mail, which we won’t dignify with a link. In the piece, Morgan simply said that if Kanye West and other rappers insist on using the word, then white fans should have a right to say it as well. He also added that West should be at fault and not the Apha Phi sisters at the University of New Hampshire for using the term.

Naturally, Black Twitter seized on Morgan’s unnecessary and short-sighted essay then proceeded to give him the business to the point the journalist became a trending topic. We’ve collected some of the best Piers Morgan slander, which we’re always in the mood for, below and on the following pages.


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