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Apparently stick up kids have gone the social media route, too. According to Manhattan police, a teenager got scammed out of his Rolex when asked for selfie assistance.

The NYPD reports that on October 8 around 2AM, a 16-year old male was stopped by a woman asking for help with taking a selfie. The unidentified female requested to borrow the high-priced timepiece for the photo and the naive teen naturally obliged.

Things went left when she refused to return the high-ticket item. “When he requested the watch back, the individual fled the location to parts unknown,” police explained. Insert customary Plies “Ran Off On Da Plug Twice” meme here.

A couple of glaring concerns with this story. Why is a 16-year old in the streets at that time of the morning? Where did he get the Rolex from? Why would he lend it to a stranger—for a photo no less?

Nevertheless, the suspect is still at large. No word on whether she tagged the victim in the photo which would be land her instant troll of the year consideration.

Via Gothamist 

Photo: Instagram/Rolex