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Common is woke, and very much up to speed on the nuances of the controversy over kneeling during the national anthem in protest. The Chicago rapper went as far as saying Jerry Jones has a “slave owner mentality.”

Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys and stunt man, infamously said any player who disrespects the flag will not play—which also led to Jemele Hill’s suspension.

Common has an idea where the Donald Trump flunky is getting some of his ideas.

“To me it’s an owner mentality,” Common told TMZ Sports. “It’s like a slave owner mentality, to be honest. Like, ‘You gonna do what I say on this.’ Nobody disrespecting the jib, they’re just saying this is how I want to place my body during this anthem.”

He added, ” if somebody says, ‘I’m kneeling for what I believe in,’ … then they should be able to do that because that’s what this country is about.”

Where is the lie, in any of Common’s comments?

He also referenced the entire poem, including its mention of slavery, the national anthem is based on and how Jones’ demands don’t match up with the principals of the country.

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