We learned that Anais spouted this information off at a family dinner for Jon. And we also learned that when Anais is truly bothered, there is a stubborn forehead vein that pulsates visibly.

Jaquae reveals his new relationship with Sophia Body this week. “What me and Sophia have is really special. We’ve been seeing each other for six months and we’ve made it official. She’s living with me,” he says, beaming like a little kid. Why do these folks love to rush the cohabitation? Why? You don’t even know if they’re crazy yet but y’all sharing your living space. Aiight.

The happy couple meets up with Grafh and Brit at a bar and the girls gossip about the video incident with James R and Mariahlynn. “She didn’t want to be sitting next to anybody prettier than her,” Britt offers and Sophia responds pointedly, “Girl, that’s almost everybody!” Also. She hasn’t told her new man that she’s back to doing videos, sort of.

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