That would be the move though, to tell her man about the entire shoot from flirting to fighting right? But that would make too much sense. Before she could tell Jacque herself, Grafh ends up shooting around with James R. (whose newest moniker, “Lames R.” actually fits him perfectly) and the guy pulls the ultimate in f*ck boy behavior, even after Grafh tells him that Sophia is his best boy’s lady:

“She wasn’t tryna do the video but she did it on the fact that maybe she’s feeling the kid… She acting like a free agent now though. Listen. The way she was rocking with the kid on set, she tryna get drafted.”

The ultimate in douchbaggery. And this is the same chump who tried to sweet talk Mariah earlier in the episode on some “there was nothing going on for you to react that way!” Glad she ain’t go for it.

Grafh seems to believe this weirdo though which is nuts. Of course he runs to tell his homeboy Jacque and Self breaks the main element down proper:

“Maybe she was doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing… Maybe you should say something because it looks like they’re fighting over a dude. And the dude ain’t even you.”

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