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It’s been a bad month for Philadelphia rappers. Cassidy has been arrested for marijuana possession and outstanding warrants. 

The “Hotel” rapper actually got popped in Jersey.

Reports TMZ:

The Philly MC was busted Sunday afternoon in Jersey City when police say they spotted him in the vehicle, and noticed a strong marijuana odor. Officers say there was a joint sitting in clear view on the dashboard. They also found a baggie of weed and a grinder, typically used to crush weed … according to the police report.

Cassidy was booked for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Law enforcement tells us they discovered Cassidy has an outstanding warrant in another county — for the exact same offenses. So, now he has 2 court dates … for the old and new charges. 

Bruh, is it that difficult to refrain from smoking the weed, allegedly, only when you’re in the confines of your own home?

But that’s just part of the struggle, Cassidy was in a van with a woman, and she got bagged, too.


On Sunday, when officers approached the vehicle they found Reese reclined in the driver’s seat and a female in the passenger seat.

The officers said that when Reese saw them he sat up and began reaching under his seat. Fearing he had a weapon, the officers ordered him to stop, but he ignored them, the report says.

Reese then unlocked his door and police smelled raw marijuana in the vehicle and saw marijuana and a marijuana cigarette on the center console as they removed him from the vehicle, the report says.

The officers said the woman became “extremely agitated” and said “This is my car and my house. I’m not doing anything wrong.” When the officers pointed out the suspected marijuana, she said “But it’s not lit,” the report says.

Officers then found a marijuana grinder in the van and a bag of suspected marijuana under the seat where Reese had been reaching, the report says.

The woman was ID’s as Shanay Reese and she caught the same possession of marijuana charge and released.

Damn homie.

Photo: Jersey City PD/TMZ

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