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An Instagram Regram button has been secretly tested by the company and maybe a permanent feature on the popular photo-sharing app very soon. 

Looks like those horrible regram apps will become a thing of the past when this feature becomes official.

According to information obtained by The Next Web, Instagram has been secretly very busy working on a bevy of new features to improve your Instagram experience. Some users may have noticed some of these features because Instagram and Facebook love to test their features on small audiences to see if they work or not.

We are sure there are times when you want to reshare something you have seen on the gram and you want to share it with the original caption. Then you have to go through the whole hassle of using an outside app, logging in dealing with ads so forth and so on. So if the regram button lives beyond the test phase it will be very clutch.

Instagram Regram

Via: TNW

The native regram function isn’t the only feature Instagram has secretly working on. They have also been testing a gif feature that can be used to add some “fun” to your Instagram stories. TNW shared a video of how it looked and it’s pretty cheesy looking honestly.

Android users there might be some good news coming your way also. Instagram has been selecting users to test their new version of their Instagram app. Other features Instagram has been playing around with a closest friends list which works similar to Myspace’s (rip) top five list, the ability to share to WhatsApp, the ability to Archive your stories and search for top emojis (why?) and hashtag, following hashtags and pinned threads in direct messaging.

Some of those features sound absolutely weird, but one that would be great is the ability to enlarge profile avis. That feature could help avoid all kinds of Instagram struggle.

Photo: Instagram/TNW