Amy Jackson, an actress and model who splits time between Los Angeles and New York, caught our eye by way of Internet personality Chris “C-Lo” Lopez’s skits posted to his Instagram page and got immediately interested. The snowflake with the booty cakes and a healthy handful in the front is hard at work in breaking into the mainstream in Hollywood and beyond.

Jackson’s credits have been steadily growing, with appearances in videos by 50 Cent, Jeremih, Maino, Lil’ Kim and K Camp among others. She’s also starred on MTV’s Wild’N’Out and Adult Swim’s Jack&Triumph. She’s also getting into the behind the scenes action as an associate producer for the short film The Statement.

But enough of all that, you came to see the caked out glory that is Ms. Amy Jackson, our latest Baes & Baddies entry. Peep the fly imagery below and on the following pages.

Few things: 1. Should I keep growing my hair out now and let it get long, or cut it short how I’ve had it all year? 2. If your first thought and natural reaction was “I honestly couldn’t care any fucking less. What the fuck?” …we should be friends, because that’s exactly what I would have thought. 3. If you think that thought, but wouldn’t comment it, because you were raised on “the golden rule” and believe you should treat others how you wanna be treated, and that if you have nothing nice to say, it’s better to say nothing ….then we should be BEST friends, because samesies. 4. If you think that, but then rather than commenting that or nothing, you comment your opinion on my hairstyle and answer the question …….we officially go together, we’re dating now lmao. That’s me 100% and maaaaan I know there have to be more of me out there, even though it’s in style to be petty or mean to everyone, hahahaha 😂😂😂 5. If you also thought and did all that AS WELL AS taking note of the fact that 5 is more than “a few”…? But you just let let that slide and let me live because it’s not that deep….? Then you need to get out of my brain. Lmaoooo Okay now let me know because I honestly want opinions. Hahahahaha oh and slide to see the zoomed pics shot by @j_alexphotos

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