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Apparently the “Hennything Is Possible” motto applies to the NFL as well. Clinton Portis and Santana Moss used to take shots of the cognac before games.

In a recent interview with NBC Washington, the two former Washington Football Team reminisced about their times in DC on the 10 year anniversary of Sean Taylor’s death. Portis and Moss detailed how they would take shots of Hennessy with Taylor as a pre-grame ritual.

“Prior to the game, on our way, we would take a little shot. … Not like going out and getting sloppy wasted; just adrenaline. You know, you take a shot and you were done with it. Me, Santana and Sean, we did this for a year and a half before anybody knew. We never told anybody. It was just, hey, here’s a little sip, bam, that was it.”

According to Portis the Henny toasting apparently came to an abrupt stop when Jim Zorn became the new coach in 2008. “All of a sudden Coach Zorn comes in, and [says] ‘Oh, yeah, guys are taking sips for Sean.’ What?”

Moss validated the timeline as well. “It was something that we just did. We didn’t want it to be magnified. We didn’t want it to be about us, because we did and went out and played the game of football the way we know how to play. He just kind of lost a lot of us, you know. He said that and that kind of lost us together” he explained.

Zorn would go on to have a shaky run as the Washington Football Team coach with only 12 wins in his two year tenure.

Audio of the Henny talk below.

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