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Khia Disses Nicki Minaj

Although Nicki Minaj has gained much success with her debut release of Pink Friday, but not everyone is feeling the debut.

Florida rapstressKhia decided to review the album on her blog and let Nicki have it in what seemed more like a personal attack than an album review.

“This b**ch needs to be SHOT on site…” Khia wrote. “It smells WORSER than the gas that’s coming out of my A$$, from all of the Turkey that I ate over the Thanksgiving weekend. Someone needs to give this B**CH a FLEET Enima and “FLUSH” her IMMEDIATELY, She is nothing but a “Ghostwritten”, Weezy-wannabe Slore!”

Although Khia is most known for her single “My Neck, My Back”, the Floridian made it clear that she was the only one who controlled her image.

“Give me an album without any CAMEOS and then you can talk to the Queen….. Cuz I carry this Isht on top of “My Neck and My Back,” Solo Hoe! Hell…….Even on top my head, fruit baskets and all!”

Before blasting Minaj track by track, Khia wanted fans to know that she is not a hater and that she earnestly attempted to show support by purchasing the album, which led to her dissatisfaction.

“I don’t want to sound like a hater because I did go out and spend my $13.99 on this”Mop-flop” of an album, “Khia continued. “So hopefully this review will give this BLOW-UP doll a little more promotion….. They built this “Bear” right before our eyes! No hate intended…. Real Talk.”

Not just focusing on one area, Khia also moved her attack to Nicki’s finances and deal with Young Money, claiming that Minaj, “wasn’t making no money” off of the album due to executive producers and all of the work that went into the release.

“I can’t believe I wasted my $13.99 on this BULL S**T, I told yall that it aint no damn Barbies in the hood,” Khia said. “I can’t wait for Matel to sue this b**tch for all of the $3.60 that she earned! When is this b**ch gonna learn that they stealing all of the money?”

Although the blog was centered around Nicki Minaj, Khia made sure to blast one more femcee before she ended her rant.

“By the way, I hear that Foxy Brown is a little upset with because you lied about the feud between Kim and you, but I think Foxy should concentrate on how Kim came and SNATCHED up her record deal! Wasn’t it Fox Boogie Brown that was hanging tough with Jay Z back in the day?”

Khia taunted. “Is that the reason Foxy got soooooooo Big? Or was it THYROIDS, FIBROIDS, HONEY BUNS or TWINKIES? It looks like like someone PUMPED helium straight into her body! At least Lil Kim NIPPED, TUCKED and  STUFFED her fat away!  Nicki, please give Inga the  number to your plastic surgeon and your shrink while you are at! Maybe, you guys can tag team! It takes two to Tango!!!!!!!!!!!!”

To read Khia’s blog in its entirety, click here.