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A couple in Indiana are making headlines after an altercation over Facebook led to one of them getting stabbed.

According to published reports, Shemicka McVey stabbed her boyfriend, Maurice Davenport, after he refused to let her view his Facebook page on his laptop.

McVey, who according to reports is a friend on Davenport’s page, became so enraged that she followed Davenport downstairs and continued to argue.

Although the official report on The Smoking Gun does not say why Davenport denied his girlfriend access, it does say that she “accidentally” cut him during the argument with a knife she grabbed from the kitchen moments earlier.

Police state that Davenport suffered a minor laceration to his left bicep and that McVey reported that Davenport punched her in the head.

Despite the injuries and foolishness, neither of them were arrested for the dispute and their 2-year-old child was not awaken during the fracas.

Both McVey and Davenport still maintain their Facebook pages, although Davenport reportedly lists his relationship status as “single”.