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Beyoncé might be one of the most celebrated entertainers in her era while earning untold riches, but that doesn’t mean she won’t shop for a bargain. The Houston R&B superstar was spotted shopping at a San Clemente, California Target store with family, and fans caught a few snaps of Queen Bey in all her incognito glory.

While the reasons Beyoncé, mom Tina Lawson, and eldest daughter Blue Ivy chose this particular Target haven’t been revealed, fans online were quick to upload and share images of Jay-Z’s better half shopping like the rest of Middle America. Although Beyoncé kept it low key with dark shades and clothing to match, her mother didn’t do anything to obscure her face.

Amazingly enough, people kept their distance and just did the creepy cell phone thing, snapping images and video. We’re pretty sure Beyoncé didn’t forget who she was to the world and probably just wanted to get some bargain hunting in for the holidays.

Check out some of the imagery and reactions below.

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