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Before becoming a popular daytime host, Wendy Williams made a name for herself airing out Hip-Hop artists’ dirty laundry over the airwaves and though she’s come a long way from starting and co-signing rumors, old habits do die hard. This time around the former shock-jock has insinuated that Azealia Banks is turning tricks to get by.

While talking about Bank’s beef with Remy Martin, Wendy began to question Banks relevancy saying “I’m still tryin’ to figure out who’s Azealia Banks!” before really going for the juggler and mentioning Banks acknowledging that she herself needs vaginal rejuvenation. “If you’re wore out at 26 and you’ve got no kids, now we understand how she gets her money,” Williams said with a wink before adding “She works hard for her money.”

Looks like Remy isn’t the only woman ShEthering people these days.

Check out the clip below at the 8:34 mark to see what Azaelia Banks is going to be going off about next.