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Cam’ron has been collaborating with Reebok for a minute now but their latest team-up is for the 3:AM project. Under the premise that the best artists tend to create their best work in the wee hours, Killa teamed with up designer Trevor “Trouble” Andrew.First up from Cam and Trouble is a footwear and apparel capsule collection that includes the Reebok “Workout” sneaker. The capsule also includes a pair of long-sleeve tees and a pair of short-sleeve tees, with everything retailing between $30 and $120. The collection formally launched on Tuesday, Dec. 12 at Foot Locker’s NYC33 space in NYC.

Both Trouble and Cam were on hand with the latter performing a medley of hits include “Oh Boy,” “Dipset Anthem” and “Suck It or Not.”

A standout entry in Trouble’s resume is his work designing for high-end brand Gucci. That connection was one reason Cam was on board with working with him Trouble aka GucciGhost.

“Ya know what’s crazy, I got all the Gucci sh*t he did in my house. Didn’t even know it was him,” explained Cam. “So when Reebok showed me the stuff they were walking on with him and then told me what he’d done previously I was like, ‘Oh this is a no-brainer, he’s got hot sh*t.’ He’s creative, he’s dope so it wasn’t even a hard decision to make.”

Things have started off well since it seems like everything in the collection has already sold out. But there will be an opportunity to cop as the Reebok Presents 3:AM show goes on the road, with the next stop being in Atlanta with more cities to follow in 2018.

Also, Cam has more work with Reebok on deck.

“We doing the Fleebok 4’s, they be out in June. The Flee 3’s just came out,” said Cam.

He added, “I’m more than humbled that they even want to work with me. A lot of people just see you get fresh and don’t really recognize [they can] get money with you. And Reebok, they get it. I really appreciate them understanding my vision and seeing how fly I am, and appreciating how I dress.”

Cam'ron & Trouble Andrew Reebok 3AM Event 3

Source: Reebok / Courtesy of Reebok

Cam'ron & Trouble Andrew Reebok 3AM Event 1

Source: Reebok / Courtesy of Reebok

Photo: Courtesy of Reebok

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