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As humble and philanthropic as Chance The Rapper maybe, he still is as braggadocio as the next man. The “Same Drugs” rapper recently took credit for bringing back Supreme and Champion thus leaving many people feeling in a ways—so Twitter attacked.

During a recent trip to Hong Kong, the Chicago MC took a rare moment to boast his impact on the streetwear game. In a brief clip, Chano is seen flipping through pieces in his suitcase which included a pair of Gucci loafers and a much coveted Supreme x Champion jacket. That’s when things got a little awkward.

“Everybody knows I brought Supreme back. I don’t talk about it all day because I’m not that type of dude, but… I did bring Champion back. So, all of these lame n*gg*s rockin’ Champion, y’all should thank me for making you unlame” he boasted.

Naturally, this act of self-praise turned his signature 3 on his hat to a bulls-eye for social media. Fashionistas, industry insiders and hypebeasts alike flocked to Twitter to dismantle Chance’s claim citing he was never known for waving the Supreme flag.

Many were quick to point out that Tyler The Creator should be credited for Supreme’s popularity.

And considering Supreme has been one of the hottest streetwear brands since the late 90’s there comes the question of Supreme ever falling off?

The Chance chastisement continues on to the fact he nearly wears the same outfit each day, Kanye should be recognized for Champion’s resurgence and more. You can peep more responses on the following pages.



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