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Racism is part of daily life, the question is, How will you deal with it? A Black college tennis player who was told “At least I know my dad,” by a white tennis player took his story to Black Twitter, and the white player, Spencer Brown of Appalachian State University, has been suspended. 

The Black player, John Wilson of North Carolina AT&T, an HBCU, put Brown on blast on Twitter.

“Hey this is Spencer brown, a tennis player at Appalachian state. During our match today, along with other racist comments, Spencer told me, ‘At least I know my dad.’ Their coach responded by saying, ‘..we have a black guy on our team.’,” he tweeted.

But here’s the kicker, he added, “Black twitter, do ya thing.”

Reports the New York Post:

Appalachian State University in North Carolina issued a statement Monday saying Spencer Brown, who’s white, was suspended indefinitely after Sunday’s match with North Carolina A&T State University, a historically black college. Appalachian State apologized in its statement, calling the conduct “derogatory and offensive.”

John Wilson, the black player who is also A&T’s senior class president, said Brown made other offensive comments during Sunday’s NCAA Division I match. The tweet included a photo of Brown.

“After yesterday’s men’s tennis match, an Appalachian State student-athlete engaged in behavior that was derogatory and offensive,” Appalachian State said in a release. “This student-athlete has been suspended indefinitely from the team, effective immediately, for violating the student-athlete discipline policy.”

Black Twitter wins again.

We’re going to assume Spencer Brown looks forward to working for Donald Trump one day and has an affinity for white sheets. Think Lil Spencer hates his last name?

Salute to John Wilson. Not all heroes wear capes.

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