Grand Re-Opening Of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club - Inside

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Jay-Z is trying to lock down all his revenue streams. Hova is reportedly seeking to trademark the Roc-A-Fella diamond hand sign. 

It’s not like Jigga didn’t make it famous.

Reports TMZ.

The hip-hop mogul just filed legal docs to obtain exclusive rights to the iconic symbol — which Jay’s been flashing for years.

He applied for a trademark to use the diamond hand sign in a variety of entertainment services in either music, video, TV or film.

Interestingly, Jay was sued over the symbol in 2005 by Diamond Dallas Page — but the case was settled out of court, and it doesn’t look like DDP ever trademarked it for himself.

As far as hip-hop fans are concerned, Jay’s always owned the Roc symbol — this would just make it official.

No, the symbol isn’t just like the one you may have seen members of Delta Sigma Theta throwing up. They are similar, but different.

But if Jay-Z can pull this one off…legendary.

Also, he recently made a move to have his company, S. Carter Enterprises, trademark the Paper Planes clothing company. The plan is to expand the brand, with no doubt his homie Emory Jones leading the way.

No family feuds there.

Photo: Vegas Jones

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