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A now-deleted tweet from the Twitter account of Hip-Hop veterans Eric B. and Rakim took aim at young artists within the genre, prompting a viral spread of the message that the  “devolution of rap music” was underfoot. The God MC himself stepped forward to stress that he’s got no issue with young rappers, although he did say some of the content is less than positive.

The Feb. 12 tweet read, “You are now witnessing the devolution of rap music. The death of poetry and smoothness, they use this. The absence of a message. The inability to create meaningful change through words and verses, but the worse is, they don’t even know they hurt this artful purpose, it’s tragic.”

Rakim spoke with TMZ Live exclusively about the tweet, and says he had nothing to do with the statement.

“The tweet was put out by an Eric B and Rakim tweeter, and I really had no information on it,” Rakim explained. He went on to praise the younger generation for keeping the culture moving, but suggested that fans can and should demand more by way of content.

Check out the Rakim interview below.