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Who knew Drake was a fan of Fortnite? The 6 God loves watching people play the popular game—more specifically, watching  popular Fortniter and Twitch streamer Ninja.

The Fortnite streamers growing popularity put him on the Toronto rapper’s radar last week and earned him an Instagram follow. Drake decided to take it to the next level and decided to get in on the action and joined the Ninja in an epic session of the game and in the process smashed Twitch’s viewer record.

God’s Plan.

Video game Twitter, Drizzy fans and others stayed up to the wee hours of the morning watching the stream. There were some initial communication issues with the stream with Ninja playing on PC and Drake on PS4. Once they got the voice chat working viewership jumped to 200,000 thirty minutes later it spiked to 400,000 and once Drake tweeted out the link to his 36.7 million followers there were 600,000 eyes on the stream.

The stream was so lit that even Travis Scott and Pittsburgh Steeler’s wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster got in on the gaming action as well.

Twitch was indeed lit.

We all know Drake is a damn good rapper but now we know he is also pretty good at playing video games, especially Fornite. Ninja asked the rapper how long has he been playing the game and responded it’s been a month or two. Which means Drizzy is logging in some hours during his downtime when he’s not making those hit records.

As you would imagine this epic moment had video game Twitter, well hell, all of Twitter, going in a frenzy in the wee hours of the morning.

Even Chrissy Teigen had to chime in with her always well-timed humor.

It was an epic moment indeed and we hope we this actually becomes a thing. It also shows exactly how popular eSports are becoming in the world and how big the Twitch community is despite jokes from Desus & Mero about it. For more reactions generated from Ninja and Drake’s gaming session hit the flip.


Photo: Taylor Hill / Getty

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