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Portable Device Applications

Source: NurPhoto / Getty

Android users are already familiar with this feature now iPhone owners it’s your turn. Google rolled out a new update for their iOS Gmail app that will give iPhone users the ability to send and receive money through emails.

Here is how it will work, recipients of a payment through the app will receive their money in the form of an attachment. All the receiver needs is an email address to claim their cash.  Sounds simple, the only complication is the need to download the iOS Gmail app to make use of the new feature. Besides that small catch, sending money through Gmail is not as complicated than some of the third-party apps available that do the same thing. Also, everyone has a Gmail account, so that makes the feature more accessible than Apple Pay Cash.

Not to be overlooked, the update also features Gmail’s new snooze feature which went live with Google’s email service web redesign. It gives users the option to snooze or punt on an email that they rather deal with at later time due to pressing matters. With this latest update from Google, the excuses for people not being able to pay you back have just been reduced.

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty