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Source: Instagram/@Shamartesss / Instagram/@Shamartesss

The Internet is not the place to air your grievances when a rapper bails on your illicit rendezvous. An Instagram model named Shamartess is getting dragged for all the filth after her Facebook post where she attempts to put Future on blast went viral.

According to Shamartess, Future said he would pay her back “1000%” for the $550 plane ticket to Los Angeles she purchased to come visit him. However, the jig hit Pluto—see what we did there?—when Future Hendrix Facetimed her only to be told that she wasn’t trying to let him smash.

Say what now? Hey, that’s her prerogative, but it definitely broke the rapper & groupie contract.

You also knew she was in trouble when her reading comprehension skills were so off.

Anyway, it was Future who booked the hotel room Shamartess was laid up in, so you can get what happened next.


Either Future booked the room for one day, and would have put her out, or he cancelled the rest of the days after learning she wasn’t trying to consummate their “relationship.” She also really thought Future was going to come up off $5500? Okay.

Needles to say, Twitter is having a field day clowning the sh*t out of Shamartess. Peep some of the best of the slander below and on the following pages.

Photo: Instagrsam/@shamartesss

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