The Last of Us II

PlayStation E3 2018

Source: PlayStation / Naughty Dog

The last trailer we saw for The Last of Us II shown at Paris Games Week was a brutal one. The latest trailer focuses on Ellie this time around and gives us some insight on the game’s character as well as show off some stealth and intense violent gameplay featuring her.

The trailer opens up with Ellie in what could be assumed a much more peaceful time at a dance with friends and her love interest. We even witness what could now be considered the gay kiss seen and heard across the video game world. That all happens right before we are instantly transported years later to a dark setting where Ellie is stealthily dispatching enemies showcasing her killing and survival skills.

Missing from this trailer is Joel, so his status is unknown, but it’s safe to assume he still alive and well in the much-anticipated sequel. Naughty Dog is taking its time with The Last of Us II and clearly shows in the details when you watch the trailer below.


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