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Once again it’s on! After taking a break from saving the world in The Defenders, Luke Cage done made it back to Harlem to reclaim his throne as the Black hero that everyone hailed before King T’Challa came through to dethrone him.

But prior to him teaming up with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist (ugh!), Luke Cage spent a season dismantling Cottonmouth’s empire, finding out his preacher papa was a player, and ultimately taking down his childhood friend/half-brother turned homicidal maniac, Diamondback. In the process saving Harlem from a criminal organization and dealing with a long overdue sibling rivalry thing, Luke Cage learned to love a single cup of coffee, trust strangers, and take responsibility for his past and present actions.

In the premier episode to season 2 of Luke Cage we get reintroduced to some familiar faces while getting acquainted with some new players in the game. Here’s a quick recap of Soul Brother #1.


Picking up where he initially left off, Luke Cage continues his war on drugs but unfortunately for him fighting crime isn’t putting any money in his pockets (the man doesn’t believe in drug money “finders fee”). Struggling to pay the rent for Pop’s Barbershop, everyone in Luke’s circle is encouraging him to take on a sponsorship or two just to make ends meet but of course Luke is reluctant to cash in on his celebrity. Speaking of which now everyone in Harlem can track his whereabouts with the Hero App which allows everyone to know Luke’s every move. While this new hero monitoring annoys Luke to no end, he doesn’t let it interfere with the mission at hand, getting “Luke Cage” heroin off the streets and the prime target in his crosshairs is Washington Heights drug kingpin Arturo Gomez a.k.a. Arturo Rey III.

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