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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle

Source: Nintendo / Nintendo

Yesterday (August 8th), Nintendo shared more information about its highly anticipated fighter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ahead of its December release.

During the company’s Nintendo Direct showcase solely focused around the title, fans of the button mashing brawler learned that Castlevania’s famed Vampire slayer, Simon Belmont and Donkey Kong Country’s main villain King K. Rool will be joining the game’s massive lineup of more than 70 playable fighters. Nintendo also announced the addition of Echo Fighters (alternate versions of characters) Dark Samus from Metroid and Chrom from the Fire Emblem series as well as new stages, game modes, and music collection which boasts over an impressive 900 tracks.

The most significant announcement came after the showcase much to the surprise of Smash fans. Nintendo detailed via Twitter that a limited edition Super Smash Bros.Ultimate will be coming that will feature a Gamecube controller and adapter that is needed to link the controller to, the Nintendo Switch system.

The controller is preferred by pro players of the game at E3 the company announced that a Smash Bros. version of the favorite accessory was indeed being released. Pre-orders for the official controller went up quietly on the Amazon and Best Buy, and we are sure they were quickly scooped up by those searching for them.

There is no word if Nintendo plans to release more, but it would be a good bet to assume more will be on sale to coincide with the game’s release. If you can’t secure the Smash Bros. gamepad, there should definitely be third-party versions of Gamecube controllers readily available if you don’t mind not having official Nintendo products. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the limited edition bundle both arrive December 7th. If you have some time on your hand, you can check out the entire Nintendo Direct showcase below.

Photo: Nintendo