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Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before Joe Budden addressed Eminem’s darts on “Fall,” an in true Jumpoff fashion, he didn’t just address it, he added fuel to that fire. After getting a pointed rap diss from Machine Gun Kelly, and a tweet from Ja Rule, Joe Budden has decided it was his turn to take a swipe at Em in his latest podcast episode titled “TV & Mayonnaise” (y’all thought it was gonna be a response record, right? Nah).

After praising Em’s latest album, Kamikaze by saying he was “really excited” by what he was hearing and that Em was coming through with the “mixtape mentality,” Buddens spoke about why he didn’t diss Eminem when he was signed to Shady Records and took “full responsibility for the demise of [Slaughterhouse].”

After explaining why signing to a major label like Shady Records wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, Joe unleashed a hell of an opinion stating, “Let me tell you what Joe Budden has thought this entire time. I’ve been better than you this entire f*ckin’ decade! Huh?! Can’t say that back then. Can’t say that back then… But in my rapper brain, I’m a content n***a. You gotta say something! You have not said anything for the better part of a whole f*ckin’ decade! You have rhymed a bunch of words!”

Whether you agree or disagree with Joey’s overall opinion, he’s not entirely wrong. Debatable? Yes. Wrong? Not so much.

And while Joe took to the airwaves with a lengthy response to Em’s jab we don’t know if he’ll actually get in the booth and get at it lyrically when Joe said “You thought a domestic violence bar would get Joe out the bed?! (gunshot sound effects).”

But as he went on his rant, Joe made it sound like it may just be a matter of time.

“I know you don’t know about me. You better go ask some ni**as close to you, I live for this type of sh*t. All of that rappity-rap, lyrical miracle bullshit, any n***a that want it like that, that think they want it with me? I don’t think you would fare well. I think it’s really corny when retired ni**as pop sh*t about what they coulda, shoulda, woulda done. So, I feel like I’m in control of the rules here, Em. I’m backed now. You’re not so much.”

Check out the entire episode below and let us know if a Eminem vs. Joe Budden rap beef is something you’d look forward to.

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