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Celina Powell on Face The Truth

Source: CBS / CBS

The intentions of an infamous rap groupie were analyzed on the latest episode of Vivica Fox’s new CBS talkshow Face The Truth. Instagram model Celina Powell, who basically tried to extort Migos rapper Offset, answered for her struggle on the show.

For those unaware, Powell falsely claimed that she was pregnant by Offset, going as far as posting a fake ultrasound. The rapper handled his business by having his lawyers send Powell a C&D.

However, the truth never travels as far as the lie.

Powell and her ex-best friend Cheyenne appeared on the show with the latter exposing her former pal’s lies (but under what motive?). Fox and her “Truth Team”—life coach Rosie Mercado, lawyer Areva Martin, psychologist Dr. Judy Ho and Judge Mary Chrzanowski, aka “Scary Mary—took Powell to task. But did any of it sink in? Peep a clip below.

Photo: CBS