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They tried it. Allegedly, one of Cult 45’s followers decided to take it upon him/her/themselves to bring bodily harm to his political enemies and sent makeshift pipe bombs to popular Democrats such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and everyone’s favorite Auntie, Maxine Waters.

While Donald Trump refuses to take any kind of blame for the level of hostility his base of deplorables partake in, Mrs. Waters took it upon herself to remind him and everyone else that not only is he responsible for the current divisiveness America is experiencing right now. She also let everyone know her bones don’t crush easy ’cause she ain’t never scared.

Speaking to Blavity, the California congresswoman said “I think the president of United States should take responsibility for the kind of violence that we are seeing for the first time in different ways,” Waters told Blavity. “I think the president of the United States has been dog-whistling to his constituency, making them believe that their problems are caused by those people over there. And I think they are acting in a way that they think the president wants them to do and the way he wants them to act.”

She’s not wrong. He does praise Republican candidates who body slam reporters and encourages people at his rallies to put hands on protestors. This is well documented.

As for the threats on her life, that’s nothing new to the Cali congresswoman as she’s been the target of MAGA madness before and famously told her would be assassins they’d “better shoot straight.” So while the bombs sent to her office is a new development for her personal safety, it’s still not enough to deter her from going about her business.

“I don’t know whether the bombs are real or not, but we should not crawl under the bed, close the doors, not go out, be afraid to go to rallies,” she said. “We have to keep to doing what we’re doing in order to make this country right; that’s what I intend to do, and as the young people say, ‘I ain’t scared.'”

This is why we love our Auntie Maxine.