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Cesar Sayoc Mugshot #MAGABomber

Source: Broward County Sheriff’s Department / Broward County Sheriff’s Department

Of all the things to emerge since the arrest of the so-called “MAGABomber” Cesar Sayoc, the fact that he was once an exotic male dancer might top them all. According to TMZ, Sayoc threatened to kill other dancers and allegedly plotted to poison them with HIV-infected blood.

TMZ reports:

We’re told Cesar’s time as a stripper was tumultuous … on several occasions, he threatened other dancers and was constantly jealous of colleagues who were making more money than him or diminishing his presence on stage.

According to dancers who worked with him … Cesar once threatened to stab another dancer with a syringe loaded with HIV-infected blood.

We’re told Cesar once got so jealous of a rival dancer, he taped tuna can lids to the bottom of his boots and threatened to stomp the dancer’s face and cut him up. When people laughed at him, he became enraged and said, “Just wait. I’m going to take this guy out.”

It’s interesting … Cesar traveled the country in a van during his stripping days, and Friday he was busted in a van covered with stickers threatening Hillary Clinton and CNN personalities. He also made multiple violent threats against TMZ on social media.

Yeah. This is wild.

TMZ also obtained video of Sayoc messing around with wires to make stripper costumes light up, so it appears he’s been down to blow stuff up for quite some time. Check out the clip below.

Photo: Broward County Sheriff’s Department