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Grindstone - "MAGA HAT" feat. Willie D

Source: Grindstone Music / Grindstone Universal

It’s only been a couple of days since Election Day proved that politics are still split in President Donald Trump’s America and the MAGA brand is still very strong. In this Hip-Hop Wired premiere, rappers Grindstone and Willie D of Geto Boys fame join forces for the blistering “MAGA Hat” single that doesn’t mince much in the way of words.

Produced by Corbin Butler, the track is the debut single from the forthcoming album from Grindstone, The Child. In a brief chat, Grindstone explained how the song with Willie D was put into motion.

“The song came about because I was waiting for food at a Jamaican carryout (for the better part of forever) and watching Kanye West’s TMZ interview after SNL, right before the Oval Office visit. During the interview he mentioned his new found power with his newly constructed MAGA lid,” Grindstone explains.

He adds, “From that interview, I watched a clip from the Breakfast Club where Angela Yee stated that she was not going to wear her Yeezy’s anymore because Kanye is the ops. In their discussion, DJ Envy and Charlamagne both held on to the alliance of the Yeezy shoe and music brand despite their apparent disenchantment with Kanye’s viewpoints. As I watched, I felt full of hope with Angela Yee’s firm stance against financially supporting those who oppose your own; so, looking at the phone I blurted out ‘F*ck yo’ MAGA hat!’ At that point, I had to grab that food and go to the lab to record the vibe while the feeling was fresh.”

Grindstone concluded in the chat that he originally recorded the hook and two verses, but opted to reach out to Willie D to complete the 1-2 punch. After hearing the track, Willie D shows up and the pair both drop politically-charged versus with their targets easily identifiable in their verses.

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Photo: Courtesy of Grindstone Music/Grindstone Universal