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Sony Slowly Rolling Out Quieter PS4 Pro Consoles

Source: picture alliance / Getty

Sony’s powerful console the PS4 Pro launched to much fanfare, but owners had one complaint with the console due to its noise output. It looks like Sony has quietly solved the issue with new models sneakingly hitting the shelves.

The very discreet fix was noticed by Eurogamer who measured the decibel level of the CUH-7200 version of the PS4 Pro console. They discovered instead of 50-decibels out from the launch version of the PS4 Pro (CUH-7000), the new model’s noise output level started at 44-decibels and peaked at 48-decibels when at its loudest.

While that isn’t much of a difference when measured it’s still a much quieter experience compared to the “jet engine” like sound gamers often complained about. Unfortunately, to achieve this, Sony did away with the thermal reduction in the new model so the new consoles might get much hotter than the older model. Despite the changes on the inside of the console, the CUH-7200 model still looks the same as it’s predecessor.

So if you’re in the market for a 4K gaming console and you want the quieter PS4 Pro console, your best bet will be purchasing the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle. We’re not sure if the new model is being sold alone yet so you may have to check the model number on the box and make sure it says CUH-7200. We do anticipate once the original launch models run out, Sony will start shipping the quieter console in more significant numbers.

Photo: picture alliance / Getty