Samsung Working On 5G Galaxy S10 With Six Cameras

Source: Chesnot / Getty

This news shouldn’t surprise anyone, but Samsung is reportedly working on the Galaxy S10. But it looks like the tech giant is upping the ante with the new model with some very significant upgrades.

The next big, BIG thing is reportedly coming.

According to The Wall Street Journal sources Samsung is working on “top-secret Galaxy S” phone that will work on the upcoming 5G network and utilize SIX cameras. The phone is rumored to be nicknamed the “Beyond X” and is one of four new models in the works to celebrate their flagship smartphone’s upcoming 10th anniversary.

The “Beyond X” is going to be a big boy coming in at 6.7-inches with six cameras, two in the front and four on the back of the phone. Samsung hopes to unveil the phone as its headliner in mid-February, and its release will be closely tied in with the availability of 5G networks. The company has already spoken with multiple phone service providers with Verizon reportedly getting an exclusive version of the phone. Nothing is set in stone yet, and things could be changed.

The other three models will not be on the lower tier scale compared to the “Beyond X,” but that does not mean they won’t be as impressive. The rumored models will be 5.8 inches to 6.4 inches respectively will utilize three to five high-resolution cameras and might have the ability to wireless charge other smartphones.

Samsung is looking for a boost right now, the company like its direct competitor Apple has seen interest in their newer models drop. The tech giant is hoping these rumored phones, plus potential S10 upgrades like a notched screen, higher resolution cameras, and improved processors will lure customers back. Oh, and we can’t forget the foldable phone as well.

We are looking forward to more information slowly leaking out about these new phones as we draw closer to the new year.

Photo: Chesnot / Getty

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