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A video from a Houston rapper has led to the arrest of 11 suspected gang members while another nine men remain at large. In a video from Maxo Kream featuring NFL Cartell Bo, one of the wanted men, police say that some of the firearms used by extras in the video were stolen and that some of the men had known gang ties.

Local outlet Click2Houston reports:

In March, two rappers, Emekwanem Biosah Jr, A.K.A. Maxo Kreme, and Warren Brown, A.K.A. NFL Cartell Bo, had a run-in with police while filming a rap video at Lakewood Park.

The rappers were filming at the park, which is next to Hillard Elementary School, at about the time school was being let out. Some students made it into the video.

Also in the video were about a dozen loaded guns, some of them stolen, according to police. The guns were being used as props and the extras holding the weapons were all documented street gang members and rappers, according to police.

When police arrived at the park, most of the people ran, leaving the weapons behind, according to police.

Police used Maxo Kreme’s video to track down the suspects, including Brown. Brown was released on bond and ordered to wear an ankle monitor that he deactivated and is currently on the run. One of the men in the video, rapper Kenyon Tennessee was killed last month outside a strip club along with another man.

Among those arrested, Maxo Kreme was not named in that grouping.

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