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Wiz Khalifa Shares His Opinion On The Old Vs. New Hip-Hop Debate

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The ongoing and for the most part neverending debate old school vs. new school Hip-Hop debate always invokes passion from defenders on both sides. Wiz Khalifa who is a veteran in the genre chimed in and gave a very reasonable opinion on the matter.

During a “hits blunt” moment the Hip-Hop stoner explained to his followers that he feels the OGs should embrace the youngins while making sure he points out he has a lot of love for those who came in the game before him. But in his PSA to the Hip-Hop elders, he also pointed out that music they were making back then the OGs then didn’t probably care for it.

“A lot of these GOATs — these legends that we all love so much. When y’all were like 19, 20, 21, your parents probably thought your music was trash as well. The music that you were listening to and enjoyed, they weren’t trying to get in the studio and compete,” he said. “The crazy thing is a lot of the GOATs and legends now, they have kids that are 16, 17, you know, all the way up to 21, and this is the music that they enjoy.”

Some wise words from Stoner Yoda, you can watch Wiz speak on the debate in the Instagram video clip below. Let us know if you agree with him or not.

Photo: Scott Dudelson / Getty

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