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Hold up! Stop the presses! Everybody get back in the kitchen because it seems like the undercooked beef between Drake and Pusha T might get thrown back on the grill for mass consumption. At least that what fans believe that Pusha T’s latest tweet might be implying as seemingly out of nowhere last night (Jan. 23) the MC out the VA took to Twitter with a cryptic message for someone out there who’s plotting and lurking in the cut.

“You tried, you failed…I’m hearing you wanna try again, this time i’m not gonna play with you, any of you.”

Could a raven have gotten word to King Push that the King of The North was plotting a sneak attack on him? Certainly seems that way as Drake is the only rapper to have taken an L at the hands of Pusha “Tea”? Unfortunately after Pusha dropped a big pot of hot molten gold on Drake’s head, fans were robbed of the opportunity of Drizzy vengeance when triple-OG Rap-A-Lot H.N.I.C. J. Prince called off the clap back that Hip-Hop was anxiously awaiting.

But now if theories are to be believed, Drake might be loading up his catapult with some wildfire and is aiming at the Daytona artist. Remember, J. Prince said that what Drizzy had in the chamber was some “career-ending” sh*t that could’ve done all kinds of damage had it been unleashed on the public. Yup, sounds like wildfire to us.

So is that what Pusha might be hinting at? Would J. Prince finally give Drake the greenlight to bomb second on Pusha T? We might find out sooner than later and we’re all here for it.