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Samsung Unpacked Press Assets

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a step up from the S10e starting $899 with the $999.99 S10+ being a high-end luxury model. Unlike the S10e, both models show off the full power of Quad HD+ Curved Dynamic AMOLED, 19:9 display making both phones the first Samsung devices to have screens with HDR10+ certification.

Owners will also notice and fall in love with the S10 and S10+’s in-display Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner. Unlike previous biometric technology used on earlier models, this new security feature will read 3D contours of your physical thumbprint instead of a 2D image for improved anti-spoofing basically putting vault-like security on the phone.

Samsung Unpacked Press Assets

Source: Samsung / Galaxy S10+

As mentioned above the S10 like it the S10e utilizes a 10MP Dual Pixel AF, F1.9 (80°) front-facing camera while the S10+ selfie camera is slightly better Dual Camera – Selfie: 10MP Dual Pixel AF, F1.9 (80°) allowing owners to take portrait mode style selfies. Both phones feature The Pro-Grade rear triple camera system features 12-megapixel wide-angle lens that features dual aperture to assist with low-light situations as the main camera, a 12-megapixel telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom for crisp up close portrait mode photos and a 16-megapixel ultrawide angle lens so you can fit even more friends or objects into the shot.

Some other neat camera tricks include when you take a selfie on S10+ the edges around the front-facing camera light up, so you know where to look. The cameras are much smarter now and can identify up to 30 different scenes adjusting the settings accordingly so you can get the best shot. There is also a new shot suggestion mode that when turned on will help you line up the perfect shot and when you do take the picture for you automatically. An ideal feature for those who have shaky hands or take photos with one-handed often. If it’s dark outside, that should no longer be a problem thanks to the new Bright Night low-light mode that will make low-light photos much crisper. The S10 phones also shoot steady 4K video to help you capture all of the action footage without that annoying camera shake.

Under the hood, both models run on Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, have 8GB of RAM, an additional 12GB option for S10+. The S10 comes with either 128GB or 512GB of storage while the S10+ plus starts with 512GB or be upgraded to a fantastic 1TB on top of an additional 512GB of expandable storage so space should never be an issue.

As far as battery life the S10 has a 3,400 mAh battery while the S10+ sports a 4,100 mAh both are Samsung’s latest 24-hour intelligent batteries with the help of Adaptive Power Saving Mode boast you will get use your phone more without having to worry about charging often. Speaking of charging these models also take advantage of new Wireless Powershare feature that turns the phones into charging stations for the new Galaxy Buds ($130) and Galaxy Active Watch ($199) which release March 8.

Samsung Unpacked Press Assets

Source: Samsung / Galaxy Buds Wireless Charging

Samsung Unpacked Press Assets

Source: Samsung / Galaxy Watch Active

We will be getting our hands S10 model so soon so be on the lookout for a full review.


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