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More and more celebrities seem to be speaking out against The Shade Room as of late, Cardi B being one of them. Taking to Instagram, the “Clout” rapper had a lot to say about the mass media platform, insisting that it “fuels drama” between artists and more.

“This Water buffalo built b*tch, f*cking Angie, the owner of The Shade Room… because she knows that she’s not allowed to post me, so what does she do? She posts mad sh*t of people that she knows that I’m associated with,” Cardi claims.

“Everybody that they know that I’m cool with, they always try to get them set up for people to talk sh*t,” she goes on. “Offset donated $25,000 to the Ellen foundation for the kids in Africa. Did The Shade Room post it? No… have they posted any positive sh*t and investment talk that he’s been talking about in his interviews? No! But they sure posted the way he had drama with his baby mom. They sure posted about his court cases, right?”

Cardi continued by stating there seems to be a “hate campaign” against Quality Control. “That sh*t is getting wack!” she said “It’s trash… how do people want us to change? For what? Why change if y’all only post the f*ck sh*t that happens in our f*cking lives? Y’all don’t post the change, y’all don’t post the good, y’all don’t post the accomplishments. Y’all post the f*ck sh*t.”

She then went into discussing R. Kelly and Michael Jackson constantly going viral for alleged pedophilia. Responding to people who ask why are there documentaries about these artists, she said “Let me tell y’all why…because y’all make people feel like it’s OK to do so. Why wouldn’t a white caucasian person try to capitalize off the drama that happens in the urban, in the black entertainment business when Black-owned blogs capitalize off their own drama and problems? You don’t see Donald Trump, you don’t see Charlie Sheen sh*t going viral every year,” she adds.

The new mom ended her statements by saying that Black blogs capitalize off of Black drama, causing white publications to do the same. “Stop claiming that y’all for the people, when y’all fuel drama in between these artists,” she added.

Watch portions of what she had to say up top and see that part about R. Kelly and Michael Jackson here. Do you agree with all of her comments? It’s worth mentioning that Surviving R. Kelly was largely the work of dream hampton, a Black woman… and also, Donald Trump is literally always going viral for the f*ck sh*t he does — literally, every other day.

But to comment on her overall point, is The Shade Room bad for the culture? Chime in.

Photo: Prince Williams/ATLPics.Net; WENN