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All these years, and we’re still curious about Dr. Dre’s now mythical album Detox. According to Flying Lotus, the project is very real and he actually heard it.

Speaking to Billboard, Flying Lotus touched on Dre’s apparently still in limbo project. While discussing the Beats founder and producer’s longevity, FL said, “He’s still excited. That’s what I got from being around him. He’s just still excited about music. When I came to the studio, he played me Detox. He was like, ‘You f*ck with it or what?!’ I was like, ‘Yeah!’ He was just super hyped on it. We were listening to the shit and he was dancing around the studio with his wife and sh*t. He has that feeling like, ‘F*ck yeah. I’m rich as f*ck, but I’m having a great time still.’ It was really cool to see.

Interestingly, when asked about what Detox sounds like, FL said what he heard “is the sequel to Compton,” Dre’s 2015 project.

At this point, we’ll believe it when we hear it. As for Flying Lotus, his new album, Flamagra, is out May 24.

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