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The family of a 12-year-old boy who was roughly arrested and had a “spit bag” placed over his head is demanding an apology from Sacramento police. According to reports. the boy allegedly ran from a security guard and then spit into the face of one of the officers.

HuffPost reports:

The incident occurred in late April, per a Wednesday release from the city’s police department. It garnered wider attention in recent weeks after a bystander’s video circulated on social media.

In the police officer’s body camera video released Wednesday, an officer is seen running over to a young black boy who remains unnamed, but police confirmed to HuffPost is 12 years old. The boy stands with his arms held by a man ― who wears a shirt for Wienerschnitzel hot dog company ― as another man, who police identified to HuffPost as a private security guard, stands by.

The officer runs up, grabs the boy’s arms, pins him against a wall and starts to handcuff him.

“What am I under arrest for?” the boy asks at least seven times.

“He’s been having people buy sh*t for him over in the Walgreens,” says a voice that appears to be the guard’s. At another point a voice says the boy was “trespassing.”

Bystanders can be heard protesting: “He’s a little ass kid,” and “Call his parents, you can’t do that.” The boy repeatedly says “let me go,” and at one point says, “My parents should be here.”

In fairness, the boy does cop to spitting on the officer but the mother of the child, LaToya Downs, believes their treatment of her son was excessive.

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