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For someone who’s already collaborated with Jordan Brand, Mitchell & Ness, and has his own festival, we’re kind of surprised no one’s claimed that Travis Scott is a high ranking member of the Illuminati. We mean the man is all over the place and now he’s about to integrate himself with the most important part of your day.

A few days ago Cactus Jack took to IG to promote his latest collaboration with General Mill’s Reese’s Puffs cereal by posing in front of a chocolate brown Range Rover with a few boxes of the newly designed box of the breakfast food.

“Sweet sweet” indeed.

While the ingredients to the cereal remain the same as before, the box features a shot of a La Flame action figure in concert mode and some cactus plants that represent his native home of Houston. The special-edition box of cereal will cost a pretty penny as they’re slated to run for $50.

With that price tag you’d think it’d be organic ingredients or at least come with a raffle ticket for a pair of Cactus Jack Air Jordan 1‘s.