At a tie with 50, is Bryan “Birdman” Williams or “Baby,” the co-founder of Cash Money Records. The label that began in the mid-90’s in New Orleans was the house that built Juvenile, Lil Wayne and The Hot Boys.

None of us could foresee what the “Bling, Bling” crew from the N.O had in store years later as the Birdman continued to put out successful albums and Wayne would grow to become not only one of the best emcees, but he is also a businessman in his own right.

Young Money is a subsidiary of Cash Money and before the checks go to Drake, Nicki Minaj and the rest of the roster, Baby gets his. Though Jay-Z made a subliminal jab using the line “Baby money” in a derogatory manner, Bryan is worth around 100 million dollars which seems pretty adult to most of us.

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