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A$AP Rocky is finally a free man in America but he’s still dealing with the fallout of his guilty verdict in Sweden and not publicly thanking Donald Trump for taking to twitter to support him (SMFH). But on the bright side Swedish prosecutors don’t plan on appealing the guilty verdict handed down by the judge hearing the case.

According to Billboard “Daniel Suneson said the Stockholm District Court “has dismissed the plea of self-defense, something that I believe was important to clarify in this particular case.”  

Rocky and both his bodyguards were found guilty of putting hands and feet on some overzealous fans who kept nagging the Harlem rapper and his crew to the point of no return. Unfortunately the end tail of the situation was caught on camera and A$AP was ordered to pay $1,310 for their transgressions after spending a few weeks behind Ikea bars. Peeping the racial game at play, Hip-Hop called for a boycott of Sweden until A$AP was released from prison for what everyone felt was him defending himself.

Dealing with his own accusations of blatant racism in the US, Donald Trump hopped on the bandwagon and demanded Sweden #FreeRocky and even sent the Presidential Envoy to Sweden for Rocky’s trial. We all peeped game though and sho’nuff we found out it was all a ploy to pander to Black voters who are going to have their votes suppressed regardless come 2020.

As for A$AP’s defense attorneys, they’re not saying whether or not they plan on appealing the guilty verdict even though Pretty Flacko insists he was “disappointed” in the outcome. But if all A$AP has to do is pay up a little more than a $1000 to put this behind him he’ll probably pawn an earring or something and keep it moving with his life.