This may actually be the first beef that 50 Cent did not initiate. On “Mafia Music,” Rick Ross spit, “I love to pay her bills/can’t wait to pay her rent/Curtis Jackson baby mama/I aint askin for a cent/Burn the house down/gotta buy another/don’t forget the gas can/jealous, stupid muthaf**ka.”

Apparently Rick Ross was unhappy about Fifty Cent’s child’s mother’s house being burned down and he blamed the Shady Records star. Then there was a comment that Trick Daddy made that opened up the investigation leading to confirmation that William “Rick Ross” Roberts was indeed a Dade County corrections officer.

Ross denied the allegations but a social security number match revealed that he was indeed an officer in 1995 when he was 19 years old. The “Officer Ricky” attacks began and it seemed like Ross was doomed since affiliation with the authorities in hip-hop is taboo.

More songs were released, and 50 Cent showed up with Ricky’s baby mother Tia Kemp to talk about his delinquent child support payments and Fif took her shopping in New York City. Def Jam put a gag order on Rick while Fifty continued to make cartoons and videos clowning the former corrections officer.

Some people feel that filming DJ Khaled’s mother took it a little too far but the battle never elevated to a physical confrontation. However, the war of words was suppressed when the Teflon Don, Ross’ fourth studio album hit stores and moved 176,000 copies in its first week.

50’s Before I Self Destruct only moved 160,000 records after seven days on the shelves and since then it has been his lowest-selling disc. Ross on the other hand has moved into somewhat of a top spot on the charts, radio and in speakers all across the country making undeniable music that has silenced the “Officer Ricky” allegations.

50 is still the obvious winner in the bread category but how long will that last with Ricky’s recent label endeavors. So who’s the victor in this ongoing battle? They both have quieted down and Ross claims the beef that was deeper than rap isn’t a priority anymore. Notice a trend?

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