Curtis Jackson arguably saved The Game from the Aftermath Records purgatory that was ahead of him by signing him to G-Unit Records. 50 laced Game with three chart-topping singles, placing him in regular radio rotation and gave him a strong co-sign that made Interscope Records pay attention to the artist that otherwise sat on their roster.

Unfortunately they paid too much attention and pushed 50’s Massacre LP back for The Game. It was rumored that they bumped heads because Game was “disobedient” and wouldn’t declare war on 50’s enemies like a good soldier.

50 publicly dismissed Game from G-Unit on Hot 97 FM and the G-Unot campaign was launched shortly after. He even has a tattoo with the G-Unot logo (like that means something).

Songs were thrown out, mixtape covers were made, Busta Rhymes tried a reconciliation, Game and Young Buck had an altercation, Game apologized, it wasn’t accepted, Game took more shots at G-Unit, 50 fired more lines at him, Game reached out on Twitter, and no one responded.

The tension remains but since Buck is no longer a part of G-Unit, he and Game have linked up. Game is in interviews now mentioning 50 as someone he wants to work with. Why are we not surprised?

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